How quickly will my property be rented?

A:   That depends on a number of factors.  And, many of those factors are identical to how quickly a house sells.   They include current market conditions, what other similar homes are on the market, how your property shows,  how it is priced vs. the competition, and others.  But, in a normal rental market, if your home is priced right (and that’s our job), and in good showing condition, you will have interested prospects.  In the Stafford and Quantico areas, quality rentals don’t last long.

What determines the rent for my property?

A: Rental prices are determined by the market and the owner.  Our recommendation is based upon a  market analysis using current market conditions.  We’ll be as specific as possible, not only using pricing in the surrounding area but also specific subdivision rental pricing from the past year, if it is available.  Similar to pricing a home for sale, the more specific we can be geographically, the better.  But, of course, you, the owner, will determine the final rent figure we’ll use in pricing the property.

Who pays for the marketing of my property?

A: All marketing costs are borne by us.  Those expenses are taken from the leasing fee we charge.  We pay for all signage and labor costs related to marketing your property for rent.  Our internet advertising includes paid and free web platforms.  We believe internet advertising if THE key to getting a tenant for your property as soon as possible.  Syndicating that listing to over two dozen internet websites, some of those being the “go-to” sites for many DoD personnel.  And, in the Stafford and surrounding area, that’s where the majority of tenants come from.

What do I need to do to prepare my property to be rented?

A: You should make your property is move-in ready for a tenant. As mentioned above, it will make your property more attractive.  This will result in it being more valued and rent quicker by showing well and being clean and in good clean condition.

How are tenants selected?

A: Our background investigation is thorough and comprehensive to ensure we select quality tenants.  Each prospective tenant’s application is screened to verify rental history, employment.  We also use national reports on credit, criminal history, and any evictions they’ve had.  Further, in the review, we will interview them briefly to review verify their application answers, and ask and answer any questions we or they may have.

If repairs on the property are needed, who will do them?

A:  We have contractors we work with.  All are licensed and are familiar with the professional standards we require to work on any of our properties.

Who pays for maintenance and repairs to my property?

A: You, the owner, pays for maintenance and repairs.  If, for some reason, the needed repair is the fault of the tenant, then, in accordance with the Lease Agreement, they will be responsible.